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Memories of Kaitlyn

My favorite memory was telling her it was a shame that an old, fat, bald headed guy could out-run her in a foot I pulled her down to the ground and took off for the finish line!?! LOL

Ray Black

Memories of Kaitlyn

As a young child at Milton Elementary, I remember Kaitlyn's natural beauty: her thick, dark hair; her radiant, contagious smile; and her love for life. She had a special glow no one could deny. She always showed great love for her brother, Jared.

Sheila Rowlett

Memories of Kaitlyn

One of my favorite memories is when Hannah Miller and I went over to Kaitlyn's house on New Year's Eve in Jr. high after basketball practice. We made a bunch of different food creations, got hyped up on sugar, and played just dance for hours late into the night. We even made a commercial for our food creation! The best part of the whole night would have been Kaitlyn's laugh, she had a very particular laugh that would often involve her crying because she thought that something was so funny.

Hannah Storm

Memories of Kaitlyn

I was always blown away at Kaitlyn's talent. She played a huge part in how we wrote music and made me want to get better at playing my instrument; she had an energy that outshone all of us when playing shows and is a big reason why we continued on as long as we did. Kaitlyn always comes to mind when I think back on my days in the band, and I owe a lot to her.

Collin Overton

Memories of Kaitlyn

One of my favorites of Kaitlyn. I mean I have a few. But one that really sticks out to me is while she was still in the band. I was watching them practice. I had been upset about something and kind of keeping to myself. Without really saying anything to me she came over and gave me a hug and then picked me a flower. She was one of those selfless people who never wanted to see anyone upset. She would go out of her way to make someone's day and I can't thank her enough for that.

Another one that is just kind of silly is that while she was in the band, they were practicing at the river. She was being silly and her happy self. I told her I liked her shirt which was superman. And she goes "I like batman better. It kind of feels like I'm cheating on him."  And she was so happy.

Kelsey Willett

Memories of Kaitlyn

I can never forget when Kaitlyn and her family started coming to our outreach ministry and quickly joined in with our efforts. Even though she was a young teen, she dove right in with willing and enthusiastic help, including the time she came with a song and dance routine choreographed to "Big House" by Audio Adrenaline. Sometimes the kids we were reaching out to did not truly appreciate the work our volunteers put into reaching them, I was incredibly blessed to witness her caring, servant heart.

As our families grew closer, I remember how great it was to have Kaitlyn and Jared as willing participants in our bad joke and pun volleys. They always had a good hearted groan or an occasional laugh for my bad jokes and dished out some pretty bad ones' as of their own.

One time I went to visit Kaitlynat the hospital in Louisville, to give her a gift from our family. I could tell that she was frustrated by yet another round of inconclusive tests-but she was so quick to show love and appreciation for my visit and to go out of her way to make sure I was comfortable.

In the final few days of Kaitlyn's time on this side of eternity, scores of people- from many different walks of life - poured in to her hospital room. In those last, tear soaked days, we saw what a tremendous impact one person can have on the lives of so many others when their life is filled with love for others.

Ken Ritchie

Memories of Kaitlyn 

It's hard to pick a specific memory of Katie to share. Water fights in the river with Isaiah and Jared, creating "no boys allowed" clubs, watching fireworks on the 4th of July... but my favorite memories are the times we would just talk. We could talk about anything and we could talk all night (if it didn't drive everyone crazy lol). It's something I miss everyday, but still a memory I will always cherish.

Kaitlyn was the greatest person and friend to everyone she met.

Mikayla Thrasher

Memories of Kaitlyn

Favorite memory with Kaitlyn was always having her on my team in gym class for whatever sport we played. Especially basketball we would really connect and know how to read what move we were going to do or when we were going to pass it to each other. She was ahold athlete, a good friend I'll always have her in my heart and her family in my prayers.

Christian Rios

Memories of Kaitlyn

I enjoyed playing knock- out in gym class with Kaitlyn. I loved getting advice from her and she always treated me like a good friend. I think about her often.

Jordan Wentworth

Memories of Kaitlyn

Basically getting to talk to her. We talked about basses a lot which was really cool because not many girls understood the excitement about that! She always had a smile on her face and always made sure her friends were happy, and if they weren't she'd do her best to fix that. She was a great girl and even better friend!

Sam Tilley

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